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Back in 1989 Matchless Amplifiers set out to design and build the best guitar amplifier on the market. Working with professional musicians it became clear that this amp would have to be versatile yet durable. It would have to meet the exacting standards of the studio yet be able to go on the road. The amp would have to be true Class A design, hand wired to military-like specifications with the best materials available. No circuit boards would be used. No short cuts would be taken.

The result was the legendary DC-30 which won the Guitar Player Magazine amplifier shootout in 1992 and which continues to set the standard for guitar amplifiers. Soon after the stunning success of the C-30 line of amplifiers, Matchless introduced the Clubman, Chieftain, Lightning and an entire line of extension cabinets. With an outstanding family of products it's no wonder that Matchless is the preferred amp for some of the best-known musicians in the world.

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Matchless Chieftain 40w Head w/ Reverb - Black


Matchless DC-30 2x12 Combo Black - 2018


Matchless ESD 2x12 Cabinet - Black


Matchless Lightning 1x12 Combo - Black & Silver


Matchless Spitfire 15W Combo - Black


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