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Are you looking for a new BensonAmplifier for your studio or next performance? At Midwood Guitar Studio, we carry the largest in-stock selection of Benson Amplifiers for sale in the country. With their unique sound and design, Benson offers the highest in quality and performance. 

Christopher Benson started developing amplifiers many years ago and found the right construction of transistors, resistors and sound equipment to deliver incredible music.  Benson Amplifiers are a hand built heirloom that gives a signature tone that is its own.  Chris’s Amplifiers grew out of his obsession with sound and his passion to make music. 

Each model has a simple design but delivers maximum sound.  Whether you are looking for:

  •          Monarch Reverb Combo
  •          Chimera Reverb Combo
  •          Monarch 12 Watt Guitar Amp
  •          Vinny 1 Watt Guitar Amp
  •          or one of their bass amps

Benson provides an instrument for everyone.  Benson Amplifiers can even be customized to meet all of your requirements.


Musician Reviews:

 Ryan Adams - “I did not think it was possible, but these amps are the best I have ever heard.  Beasts. Best reverb. It is shocking.”

 Chris Funk - "I played this for the first time in Tucker Martine's studio.  This interesting and attractive amp called my name from the corner stack of gear.   I'm using it on almost every song The Decemberists are tracking for our new record.  Beyond that I love the way the reverb tank interacts with the head, like another level of tone and overdrive control.  A truly versatile amp combination!"

Midwood Guitar Studio is one of the premier Benson Guitar Amps Dealers, providing our customer’s quick access to a Benson Amplifierso players can start creating incredible tones. We can help provide you every product you need to complete your ensemble!

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Benson Amps Earhart Head and Cab - Night Moves


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